Private Lessons

I have over 35 years experience teaching students ages 8 to 80, and levels from beginner to professional. Since 2000, I have been teaching students in the Seattle area, and every year I have students that participate in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, the WMEA All-State Band and Orchestra, and the State Solo and Ensemble contest. Some of my students attained positions in major orchestras, as conservatory professors, performed with the New York Philharmonic, Houston Symphony, Seattle Symphony and others, as well as continuing studies at the Juilliard School, Eastman School of Music, New England Conservatory, Cleveland Institute of Music, and other great music schools. I also coach Chamber Music, and do Audition Preparation for clarinetists and other instrumentalists.

I also have students around the world that I teach via Skype, with payments through paypal. Please email me at to arrange a Skype lesson.

I tailor my curricula to the students goals and needs, encouraging their strengths while helping them catch up on their weaknesses. We will work on:

Technique: building relaxed, speedy, and accurate fingers. Scales, Arpeggios, Thirds, Intervals. Emphasis on playing rhythms and articulations correctly. Listening and comparing what you see on the page to what is coming out of your horn. For more on this, see my essay.

Tone: Proper breathing and support, tongue positions, and tonal concept. Control of dynamics in all registers. Use of tone colors. Legato Fingers.

Intonation: Listening. Using a tuner. Understanding pitch relationships

Musicianship: Finding your own voice. Putting phrasings in the proper historical and theoretical context. Multiple, simultaneous ideas. Exploring the emotions in music. See also: The Three Rules of Tonal Phrasing.

Repertoire, Theory, and History: Proper research. Understanding of foreign language terms (i.e. forte doesn't mean loud). Knowing the composer's life and compositions. Listening to lots of music, live and recorded. Orchestral excerpts. Chamber music.

Some of the most commonly used repertoire I teach:

My First Scale Book, by Sean Osborn
The Rubank Advanced Method Book, Vol. 1 and 2
Lowrey/Weber Studies and Melodious Etudes
Klose Complete Method
Jettel Klarinettenschule Vol. 2 (Scales)
Rose 32 Etudes
Rose 40 Studies
Cavallini Caprices
Jean-Jean 18 Etudes

St. Saen's Sonata
Weber Concertino, Concertos 1 and 2
Messager Solo de Concours
Poulenc Sonata
Bernstein Sonata
Stravinsky Three Pieces
Cahuzac Variations sur un Air du Pays d'Oc
Shaw Concerto
Debussy Premier Rhapsodie
Brahms Sonatas 1 and 2
Mozart Concerto
Copland Concerto
Bassi Concert Fantasia on Motives from Verdi's Opera "Rigoletto"
Nieslen Concerto
Martino A Set for Clarinet

My teaching emphasizes mainly two things: being a good clarinetist, and being a good musician. Additionally, when appropriate, we will discuss being a good citizen and a good student. Occasionally in private lessons, students will approach me about difficulties in school, band/orchestra, dealing with the pressures of adolescence or anything on their minds. I take my role as mentor seriously, and strive to give good advice and cultivate a rewarding mentor/mentee relationship with my students. Here is a great article about what every parent should know about private lessons.

I usually teach hour lessons, but will do anywhere from half-hour to two-hour lessons, depending on the student's goals and what I feel is appropriate. I will teach at after school programs sometimes, and will travel for chamber music coachings if necessary. Most of the time, I teach from my home in Shoreline.

References are available on request.

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