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International Clarinet Association

The Clarinet pages THE source, and home to the Klarinet email list.

Clarinet News online magazine.

Clarinet fingerings An excellent online source for fingerings.

Australian Clarinet-Saxophone Magazine

The Clarinet Institute

The World Clarinet Alliance

Great Clarinet Link page

Michael Moors' Page A great link source for all things Clarinet.

Anne Bell's Clarinet Index Page. Great resource - as easy as ABC!

Clarineat Podcasts, Videos, Reviews, Articles, News, and more!

Financial Help for Students, Individual Musicians, and Groups.

Educational Links

Music Theory help. Written and Audio note, interval, and chord identification. Improve your music reading.

More Music Theory help. A little more advanced, and covers a wider range of topics, including scales, chords, intervals, etc.

Robert Marcellus Master Classes

Robert Marcellus Interview


Michael Norsworthy's Page

Gregory Oakes, professor at the University of Iowa.

Joze Kotar of the Slovenian Philharmonic - Great Clarinetist!

Derek Bermel - Great Clarinetist and Composer

Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Belgian clarinettist extraordinaire, and the Ghent International Clarinet Competition


D'Addario for great reeds and mouthpieces.

Seattle repairman Scott Granlund - great work!

The Reedmachine - all your needs for reedmaking, adjusting, clipping, and humidifying.

Superior Mouthpiece Maker Brad Behn

Rodriguez Musical Services for buying and fixing clarinets. Excellent!


Rose Etudes in Duet Form, arranged by Wesley Hall

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