I have a new chamber music group: Kokopelli, a Quintet of Clarinet and Strings. Four fantastic, diverse string players have joined me to explore this huge repertoire. More info, bios, and video here.

New Patreon Website
Patreon is a new website that offers ongoing support like Kickstarter offers project support.

I post a lot of content, here and elsewhere (videos, recordings, essays, compositions). Patreon offers a way for me to get support for the stuff I post for free by offering exclusive and preview content. You set the amount you contribute per piece of content, with a monthly maximum if you like.

It's great! Check it out and tell your friends!

The Orchestral Excerpts Guide has been expanded five-fold, including a paper about all 19th-century standard repertoire, and videos of many excerpts.
My new recording,"Bits and Pieces," is available everywhere, including iTunes, Amazon, Albany Records, and your local store. Music from Donizetti, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Sutermeister, Osborne, Smith, Mandat, Bermel, and two compositions of mine: Bits and Pieces, and Character Pieces.
There are a number of new compositions available for free on the Composition Page, including
Fantasy Variations, for either Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, or Viola and 'Cello. Written as part of my new Commissioning Project
Character Duets for two clarinets - musical portraits of six clarinetists.
Three Miniatures for solo clarinet - a student-level piece of beginner/intermediate level.
Three Women and Three Girls for B-flat clarinet and piano. Tuneful, beautiful.

I have completed an orchestration of all of Claude Debussy's first book of Preludes for Piano for full orchestra.

It is to be expected that those in the public eye have rumors being told about them - even for someone with as small a public persona as I have. Recently, I have found that false rumors have started to damage my reputation... Read More