Periodically, I'll be posting recordings of myself and others here for you all to listen to for various reasons.

Eric Mandat - Folk Songs
I. Spirited; as if from a distant Appalachian hill
II. Heavily, with a fuzzy, unfocused, breathy tone
III. Expansive; as if hurtling through space
IV. With devotion, like a prayer
V. Like a Flamenco dancer with St. Vitus Dance

Video - Mendelssohn Concertpiece No. 1 excerpt, recorded Live at KING-FM in 2012 with Mary Kantor, and Kevin Johnson.

Eric Mandat - One Liners
I. Reelistically Speaking
II. Life's Secrets
III. Lie(s)
IV. Within Reach
V. If We Look
VI. Behind
VII. The Punch Line

Gnarly Buttons I mp3
Gnarly Buttons II mp3
Gnarly Buttons III mp3

Crusell Quartet No. 1 in E-flat - I. Adagio - Allegro
Crusell Quartet No. 1 in E-flat - II. Romanza
Crusell Quartet No. 1 in E-flat - III. Menuetoo
Crusell Quartet No. 1 in E-flat - IV. Rondo: Allegro vivace

Bach's Dream

Satie/Crane - Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear

1 - Maniere de Commencement
2 - Prolongation du mem
3 - I: Lentement
4 - II: Enleve
5 - III: Brutal, Modere
6 - En plus
7 - Redite