Commission Project

In addition to regular commissions for any instrument or instruments, I have embarked on a project of special commissions:

I will provide a score, parts, and recording of works for any combination of up to four clarinets and/or one piano. This includes Bass Clarinet and E-flat clarinet. All of the music will be original and unique.

Some possible combinations are:
Solo Clarinet
Clarinet Duet, Trio, or Quartet
Clarinet and Piano
Bass Clarinet and Piano
Two Clarinets (of any kind) and Piano
Clarinet Quartet and Piano

Imagine having a piece of your very own, that was written just for you. I will accept input for style and difficulty level as well as instrumentation. This would make a great gift for the music lover, clarinet lover, or clarinet player in your life. The rate is $100 per minute of music composed.

I compose in several different styles. Please listen to various piece on my Composition page.

If you like tuneful and lyrical, I recommend listening to Lyric Pieces No. 5, 6, 7, "Kim" and/or "Sarah" from "Three Women and Three Girls," the first movement of my Quintet for Clarinet and Strings No. 1, and/or the First Movement of my E-flat Clarinet Sonata: "April Morning."

If you like tuneful but dancy and rhythmic, I recommend listening to Lyric Pieces 3, 8, "Jim" from "Character Duets," the first and last movements of my "Symphony No. 2 (for Band)," and/or the last movement of my E-flat Clarinet Sonata: "Jig"

If you like extended techniques, I recommend you listen to "Bits and Pieces," the EM movement of "Character Pieces," and/or movements "Jennifer" and/or "Eric" from "Character Duets."

If you're not afraid of dissonance, and like interesting, cool, forward-looking music, I recommend listening to "Reed Trio No.2," "12-4-6," the "Brief Duet for Clarinet and Bassoon," the "Chaos" movement of my "Quintet for Clarinet and Strings 'The Beatles'," and/or my "Symphony No. 1 'September 11th'."

Don't hesitate to write me with questions or observations.
Sean Osborn

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