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Sean's Kickstarter
to record his compositions Lyric Pieces
10 beautiful, fun quartets for Violin, Clarinet, 'Cello, and Piano
that are played alone or in a set.

Go to the Kickstarter page for more info, and to hear/see the Lyric Pieces
and HERE for free Scores, Parts, and live recordings.

We need your help to make a great recording - many award levels!

Thank you donors:
Cathi Greenwood
Nancy Sulfridge
Greg Ewer
Tony BC Hwang
Jim and Chris Lind
Dian Lawrance-Jackson
Mark Langberg
David Frank
Keith Eisenbrey
Peggy Dees-Moseley
Cindy Renander
Christian TBA
Cordula Merks
Heather Bentley
Ward Drennan
Paul Petrucelly
John Campbell
Tom Freeman
Gabe Ferreira
Eric Goetz
Adam Kennedy
Kim Redmile
Jonathan Little
Chip Johnson

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